Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Jamaica Experience part 2


Last night's service was wonderful. The worship was anointed and powerful. What can I say, these people know how to worship. It kind of reminded me of a black church back home. These people don't have much around here, but that doesn't keep them from rejoicing in God. They don't make excuses, when its time to be in church and worship, they're there and why not, they don't have anything else to draw them away. Oh, to be like that, to be at a place where nothing else matter except God. These precious people have discovered the same thing Mary did, and I have discovered that for all this time I have been like Martha. When we can lay aside the distractions, the schedules, the traditions, and church as we know it, we will come to see Christ as Mary did. Lord, I want to be like Mary, and You brought me to a foreign land so I could see the difference, thank you! Help me to return home with this revelation and to hold on to it! In Jesus name.

I had to go to mo bay to change my ticket. My plan was to leave tomorrow, but this morning God was telling me to wait until Thursday. I didn't want to listen then Christa called and told me God warned that I need to stay til Thursday. So my flight home will be on Thursday. I guess God really wants Egypt off of me. My flesh is not enjoying this, but its more important that I'm ready for when He comes down, so I can draw fully near to Him. Once again it becomes all about Him!

As I said in Part one, my flesh was fighting what God was trying to do in me. I heard God's voice clearly and understood what he was telling me, but my flesh was saying NO! Of course looking back I am very glad I listened. Part of the reason I wanted to leave was because it looked like was only going to preach on Monday night, so of course my thought was what's the point in staying, the sooner i can get out of this place the better.
In order to experience what God has for us, we have to get our flesh out of the way and friends sometimes the only way that happens is for God to get us out of our comfort zone. Remember Lazarus couldn't come out of the tomb until the stone was rolled away, only then could he truly be set free and experience the new life God was offering. It was the same thing with Mary and Martha. Martha knew Jesus, but she was caught up with customs, traditions, and making sure she did everything that she knew to be right, yet Jesus said that Mary had found the better thing. Why? Because Mary had discovered the truth and reality of who Jesus really was and that was more important than anything else she knew.
That's the kind of people I found there in the mountains of Jamaica(mary), and that's what I saw in myself(martha), well actually that's what God showed about me. Yet I have learned that I'm not the only one, most Christians and churches in North America are more like Martha than Mary. When we can lay aside our Martha personality and allow God to draw the Mary out of us, we will then begin to see Jesus in a new light and understand what we've been missing!


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