Friday, July 20, 2007

My Jamaica Experience

I know there are people waiting to read what took place for me in Jamaica. What I did is I journaled each day my feelings and experiences on my pocket PC. So I am going to take those words and transfer them right into the blog. I couldn't possibly share absolutely everything, just because so much took place in me and around me. I may add to these journal entries as I read and post them. The truth is one may not fully comprehend this kind of experience until they encounter it themselves.

I'm in Jamaica, truth be told be told, I am having a hard time with being here. My flesh and emotions are going crazy. I think I've talked to Christa about 5 times already. There is nothing here, no running water or a/c. Christa has been encouraging, but I'm having a hard time. I've even asked God how am I going to do this. His answer is that it won't be me but Him. So, I wait and see. It now becomes all about Him.

Service was awesome, I battled at the beginning because of a headache, but the word wasn't going to be stopped. The house was packed, people sitting outside and looking through windows, what a humbling experience. I think I preached for about 1 1/2hr. They made it easy. The altar service was anointed, the young people were the first to come and God's power was poured out, they fell out and began to shake under His power. The altar and floor was full and people were dancing in the aisle. There was one older man whose back caused him to be hunched over. When I touched his back, I could feel his spine sticking out. As we prayed, the power of God came over him, he fell out and as he did I heard his back crack. I believe he was healed.

That night was a tremendous experience, but at the time it felt like I was just preaching a regular service, nothing special had taken place in my life. I just remember that after the service I was so hot and sweaty, that I was begging for relief from somewhere, and as I stepped back into the Bishop's office I saw a jug of water and some cups next to it. it was the worst tasting water that I ever had at that time. It smelled funny, tasted funny, had things crawling in it, and it wasn't even cold, but I drank a glass of it. I also dreaded going back to the house, simply because of how old and run down it was. Just to give you an idea, if you step in certain places and didn't step lightly you might have gone right through the floor to the ground below. I also knew that I was going to have to try and sleep in a room that was more like a sauna and had bugs crawling everywhere. Somehow I will post some pictures, if not here then I will post a link where you can go a see.
So needless to say though everything went great in church I still was hating being in there, my flesh was still fighting.
Looking back if I had known what I was getting into I would have never gone, but now I am thankful God hid it from me until I got there.


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